Subscription includes the Parallelle Finance® Gender Lens Scorecard and premium research. This service offers information, data, and insights about gender lens equity and fixed income investment vehicles for investors, advisors, and consultants.

Gender Lens Scorecard

The Parallelle Finance® Gender Lens Scorecard is a tool for evaluating funds with an in-depth gender lens. The Scorecard applies five grade levels to four categories, each comprised of scores from sub-categories and indicators. Taken together, the categories assess both the fund and the asset management firm on gender equality in investment criteria, holdings, portfolio management team, and firm-wide leadership, as well as the fund’s performance and overall ESG approach. Fund rankings are publicly disclosed. Premium subscribers will have access to the category rankings which comprise the total score, as well as commentary.

Expanded Key Stats

Fund statistics available on our website include fund style, investment criteria, expense ratio/fees, and domicile. Premium subscribers have access to these and an expanded set of fund statistics, including: female representation in fund management, minimum initial and additional investment, portfolio management with tenure, fund base currency and available currencies, fund share classes, exchange listings, and country availability. Premium subscribers will also be able to filter funds by these criteria.

Full Performance History

Performance for 3- and 12-month periods is available on our website for gender lens equity funds (GLEFs) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) funds. Premium subscribers have access to additional performance periods for both GLEFs and DEI funds: 1-month, year to date, 3-year, 5-year, 10-year and since inception.

Sector & Country Allocations

Aggregate country and sector allocation data for the GLEF group and a broad market is available on our website. Premium subscribers will see fund level sector and country data with the ability to compare, sort, and filter funds.

Top Ten Holdings

Premium subscribers will have access to an aggregate list of the top ten holdings across of gender lens equity fund universe with indicators of overlap between global and regional fund holdings and key gender lens equity indexes.

Fund Tear Sheets

Premium subscribers can view fund tear sheets with key fund data, performance relative to gender lens and broad market indexes, composition and holdings data, scorecard category rankings, and commentary.

Gender Lens Fixed Income Dataset

The Parallelle Finance GLFI dataset is coming soon to our paid subscription. This comprehensive dataset includes detailed information on the bond funds, notes and certificates, lending platforms, and gender bonds in our coverage universe. Applicable data points on each instrument include: vehicle type, name, objective, inception/issue date, currency, AUM in currency of issue and USD, maturity, term, minimum investment, expense ratio, rate, coupon, oversubscription, framework, and available structure details. The data set also includes sustainable bonds with a gender lens.

An overview of the gender lens fixed income market is provided on our public website.