Education for Advisers, Consultants, and Investors

Training Sessions

We offer two 90-minute interactive sessions to update advisers and investors on investing for and in women. The focus is on growing your assets under management by 1) attracting and retaining women clients and 2) identifying investment opportunities that earn market-rate returns while investing in client values. The sessions can be delivered separately or as a half-day training program.  We customize the program based on your team’s needs.

Investing in Women

We provide an overview on the investment case for gender lens, a thematic ESG strategy. Participants learn about the wide body of research demonstrating the association between higher levels of women in corporate leadership and a range of performance, financial, operational, and risk-management benefits. We highlight the growth of the asset class and discuss the latest trends in this research: (a) The link between corporate gender diversity and improved climate risk management and decision-making, and (b) the recent push into the corporate benefits of gender + racial + broad-based equality. Then we introduce the suite of gender lens equity funds and fixed income vehicles in our coverage universe. We discuss performance, composition, and holdings analysis, including how these funds are capturing higher levels of corporate diversity.

  • Why invest in women?
    • Persistent global gender gaps hamper economic growth, earnings, and wealth.
    • Investment case: Wide-ranging benefits of diverse leadership and workforce
    • Opportunities for outperformance
  • How to invest in women?
    • Public market funds and vehicles (for retail, accredited and institutional investors)
    • Private market funds and vehicles (for accredited and institutional investors)

Investing for Women

Much written about how to attract and retain women investment clients. In this session we synthesize the latest research and data into core themes around women as investors and how to make this information actionable.

  • Why focus on female clients?
    • Current wealth accumulation/control
    • Anticipated growth
    • Underserved market
  • How to attract female clients?
    • How women differ from men as investment clients
    • Why women are dissatisfied with advisers
    • Women as value-driven investors

About Parallelle Finance

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With a core focus on gender lens investing, Parallelle Finance provides research, analysis, and advocacy. We publish in-depth quarterly reports on gender lens equity and fixed income funds and vehicles, in addition to performance and allocation data. (See our GLI 2023 Review here.) We also cover publicly traded social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) funds, gender lens VC investing, women in the corporate workplace, and the women’s economy. Our research includes a review of studies demonstrating the performance and other benefits of gender diversity in leadership. Based on our belief that gender lens investment criteria should be an integral component of each pillar of ESG corporate and fund criteria, we have proposed a set of combined gender lens + ESG investment criteria. 

Additional Programs

Contact us to discuss other program offerings on investing with a gender lens, including “How to incorporate a gender lens in the investment decision making process” and “Incorporating a gender lens on ESG investing.”

Subscription Services

We offer subscription services to premium research and our Gender Lens Scorecard of gender lens equity funds. The Scorecard applies five grade levels to four categories, each comprised of scores from sub-categories and indicators. Taken together, the categories assess both the fund and the asset management firm on gender equality in investment criteria, holdings, portfolio management team, and firm-wide leadership, as well as the fund’s performance and overall ESG approach.

Sample list of client and other training presentations

Our team has delivered sessions on gender lens investing and diversity, equity, and inclusion investing including:

Additionally, Parallelle Finance is routinely called upon to share gender and diversity, equity and inclusion lens investing expertise by the financial journalist at publications such as Bloomberg and Investment Week, and the Wall Street Journal. Our externally published research includes: Renewable Energy Funds: Through a Gender Lens, Gender Lens Investing: Asset Managers and Women in Leadership, Viewing Technology Stocks through a Gender Lens, Investing with an LGBTQI Lens, The Effect of COVID-19 on Women: Measuring the Damage and Charting Paths to Recovery, The Role of Shareholder Engagement in Achieving Pay Equity, A Call to Action: Aligning Gender Lens Investing and ESG, and Gender Lens Equity Funds: The First Major Test.

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