Q4 2023 Gender Lens Fixed Income Overview

There is a growing array of private and public gender lens fixed income (GLFI) funds and products. Our coverage universe includes U.S. and emerging markets funds, private financial institution bond issues, DFI-backed bonds, DFI-issued bonds, U.S. notes and certificates, and a lending platform. A global emerging markets fund is pending launch. As of December 31, total AUM of gender lens fixed income funds and vehicles was $15.2 billion.

GLFI AUM Invested by Country and/or Region

The map below shows the countries where assets are invested through gender lens fixed income vehicles. Hover over a country to see the total AUM invested (in USD millions) and the percentage of total GLFI investment as of December 31, 2023. The country-specific investments on this map total $5.8 billion.

In addition to country-specific investments, there are gender lens fixed income instruments targeted at enterprises and efforts across regions.

Emerging Markets: Latin America$ 121
Emerging Markets: Asia$7,388
*Global countries include IBRD borrowing countries, not necessarily gender lens investment locations. These may overlap with other regions shown.

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds from gender lens fixed income funds and vehicles are used for a range of women-focused financing needs, including to:

  • Advance the goals of SDG 5
  • Finance WOEs in Latin America, South Asia, SE Asia.
  • Finance companies with higher levels of WIL.
  • Finance WEP signatories and companies included in Equileap’s annual ranking.
  • Invest in fossil-free bonds with a gender lens.
  • Provide housing financing for women: U.S., Latin America.
  • Fund women-led rural businesses in Mexico.
  • Expand loans to women in Mexico without raising rates.
  • Direct funds to women’s health initiatives and projects.
  • Address the uneven impact of COVID-19 on women.
  • Provide loan capital to women of color who own small businesses in the U.S.
  • Invest in Nigerian companies with a female CEO.
  • Provide access to clean, renewable energy to women in developing economies.
  • Finance childcare providers in the U.S.
  • Increase access to loans for U.S. women-led small businesses.
  • Finance small and medium women owned businesses in Canada.
  • Provide housing financing for women in Kazakhstan, particularly in rural areas.
  • Provide loans to women-owned microenterprises in Colombia.

GLFI AUM by Vehicle Type

The table below summarizes the AUM by investor type for each type of gender lens fixed income vehicles with publicly disclosed data.

As of December 31, 2023
VehicleAUM (in $ millions)
Individual Investor Vehicles
Bond Funds1
Lending Platforms4
Notes and Certificate of564
Total Individual568
Accredited and Institutional Investor Vehicles
Notes and Certificates16
Bond Funds112
Bond Issues
Developed Market Banks1,526
Emerging Market Banks3,927
Multilateral Development Banks & Other DFIs9,044
Total Accredited and Institutional14,624
Total Gender Lens Fixed Income Vehicles15,193

Parallelle Finance Gender Lens Fixed Income Dataset

The Parallelle Finance GLFI dataset is available by paid subscription. This comprehensive dataset includes detailed information on the bond funds, notes and certificates, lending platforms, and gender bonds in our coverage universe. Applicable data points on each instrument include: vehicle type, name, objective, inception/issue date, currency, AUM in currency of issue and USD, maturity, term, minimum investment, expense ratio, rate, coupon, oversubscription, framework, and available structure details. The data set also includes sustainable bonds with a gender lens.

Learn more about gender lens investing at Gender Lens Investing: What, Why, How?

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