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Parallelle Finance provides research, analysis, and data on ESG investing, with a primary focus on gender lens investing. Parallelle publishes in-depth quarterly reports on women in the global economy and gender-focused investments. The Parallelle team has been published and quoted widely in the financial press on diversity-centered investing, the women’s economy, and women in asset management. The firm also offers an analysis tool for scoring public and private investments with a gender equality lens. Parallelle consults on gender lens investing and offers information and training sessions to financial services audiences on investing for equality.


Marypat Thenell Smucker, CFA, MA Economics, MS Finance

Principal, Research & Content

Marypat Thenell Smucker

Her focus areas include gender lens investing, ESG investing, and women in the global economy. She publishes quarterly updates on the gender lens equity sector. Her global asset management experience has included communications and managing editor positions, as well as analysis roles in emerging markets private equity and global M&A transaction services. Her work has appeared in the CFA Institute’s Enterprising Investor, the Singapore Business Times and Glenmede’s Impactivate

Angela Atherton, CFA, FRM, MS Finance

Principal, Operations & Strategy

Her commitment to financial inclusion and impact investing began at the start of her career when she managed screening and performance analysis for two ESG indexes. She structured private equity deals with employee stock ownership plan components at American Capital. She led risk analysis and management functions at Fannie Mae and Calvert Impact Capital, a non-profit investment firm.  As the Chief Operating and Financial Officer at The Global Good Fund, a social enterprise, she ran day-to-day operations and led commercial expansion.

An experienced entrepreneur, she co-founded a female-led fintech, Capital Market Exchange, and launched an independent consulting practice with a global reach, including emerging and developed markets in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.