Gender Lens Investing: Diverse Corporate Leadership Outperforms

Gender lens investing (GLI) is the direction of investment resources toward the achievement of gender equality. Broadly defined, GLI describes investment funds and portfolios in private and public capital markets segments. A breadth of studies spanning two decades has repeatedly shown connections between higher levels of women in leadership (WIL) and superior financial and operational…

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Q2 2021 Overview – Gender Lens Investing: Asset Managers and Women in Leadership

Gender lens equity investing developed from a substantive body of research demonstrating the financial, risk management, decision-making, and other corporate benefits of higher levels of women in leadership (WIL). In our coverage universe at Parallelle Finance, 27 gender lens global and regional equity funds are available to individual investors. Their assets under management (AUM) totaled $3.47…

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Q1 2019 Overview – How are gender lens funds performing?


The outperformance of companies with higher women-in-leadership (WIL) metrics has led to the development of so-called gender lens investing. Within this emerging sector, total publicly available equity and fixed income offerings have grown to over $2.4 billion in assets under management (AUM). This paper summarizes the characteristics and recent performance of the publicly-traded equity funds within the sector.

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