Gender Lens Equity Funds: Portfolio Composition

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The tables below show the quarter-end, aggregated portfolio composition as it relates to sector and country allocations of the primary publicly traded gender lens equity funds (GLEFs) available to individual investors. Also shown are the common top ten holdings across the GLEFs, including women-in-leadership (WIL) statistics for those companies.

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Gender Lens Equity Funds: Country Allocations

Scroll here for country composition data by fund. Sort the funds by sector and industry country to see which funds have the largest or smallest allocation in a segment. Only paid subscribers have access to this and other premium content. Already a paid subscriber? Log in here. Or start your subscription today.

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Q2 2019 Overview – Where are gender lens equity funds investing?

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Gender lens investing, which includes equity and fixed income portfolios, first developed from evidence of superior measurable performance by companies with higher women-in-leadership (WIL) metrics. Beginning with 2007 research by Catalyst1, studies have demonstrated that companies with stronger levels of WIL outperform on a range of financial and share price measures. (For a history of…

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