Q4 2021 Gender Lens Equity Fund Performance – 3 & 12-month

This table lists the primary publicly traded gender lens equity funds available to individual investors, including mutual fund, ETF, ETN, SICAV, sub-SICAV, trust and unit trust structures. Some provide several share classes and multiple exchange listings. The funds are divided into global and regional equity, then ranked by AUM, which totals $4.0 billion.

31-Dec-2021Performance as of December 31, 2021 (%)
Inception DateTickerAUM (USD M)Funds, Benchmarks, Tracking IndexesType of Fund3 months1 year
Global Equity
01-Oct-1993PXWEX1019Pax Ellevate Global Women's Leadership Fund (investor class)*Mutual FundUSD5.6717.27
MSCI World Index (Net)USD7.7721.82
Lipper Global Multi-Cap Core FundsUSD5.9618.11
Impax Global Women's Leadership (Net) IndexUSD6.4219.46
19-Dec-2017GENDER:SW961UBS Global Gender Equality UCITS ETFETFUSD4.0616.11
SOLGGENRSolactive Equileap Global Gender Equality 100 Leadership IndexUSD4.1116.00
18-Sep-2015RSGGIDE:LX361RobecoSAM Global Gender Equality Impact Equities FundSICAVEUR11.8831.66
MSCI World Total Return Index (Net)EUR9.8331.07
21-Feb-2019NISGBCU LX239
Nordea Global Gender Diversity Fund (Nordea SICAV 1)sub-SICAVUSD8.1225.94
MSCI All Country World Total Return Index (Net) (no official benchmark)USD6.6818.54
01-Apr-2019MWLERAE:LX216Mirova Women Leaders Equity Fundsub-SICAVEUR6.0515.35
MSCI World Net Total Return EUREUR9.8331.07
09-Mar-2020DEDSDFN:CN156Desjardins SocieTerra Diversity FundMutual FundCAD8.6721.15
MSCI All Country World Index (Net)CAD6.3617.53
10-Dec-2017GEND:LN61Lyxor Global Gender Equality (DR) UCITS ETFSICAVUSD4.7216.00
EQUALNSolactive Equileap Global Gender Equality NTR IndexUSD4.7516.00
01-Oct-201733Mackenzie Global Women's Leadership FundMutual FundCAD5.7016.20
04-Dec-2017MWMN CN25Mackenzie Global Women's Leadership ETFETFCAD5.5016.60
MSCI World Net Total Return Index CADCAD7.6020.90
26-Nov-2019FEMINII:FP13Valeurs Feminines GlobalMutual FundEUR10.5226.44
MSCI World Net Total Return EUREUR9.8331.07
Additional Global Indexes
31-May-2016.MIWO000WLGNUSMSCI World Womens Leadership Index (Net)USD5.0117.73
Global Equity AUM:3084
Regional Equity
07-Mar-2016SHE289SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETFETFUSD1.5615.07
SSGAGDITSSGA Gender Diversity IndexUSD1.6015.25
01-May-2019FWOMX158Fidelity Women's Leadership FundMutual FundUSD5.7219.42
15-Jun-2021FDWM3Fidelity Women's Leadership ETFETFUSD5.47
06-Jun-201952Fidelity Women’s Leadership Fund (Canada)Mutual FundUSD5.3117.66
MSCI USA Womens Leadership Index (Net)USD6.3320.79
RAY:INDRussell 3000 IndexUSD9.2825.66
24-Aug-2018WOMN38Impact Shares YWCA Women's Empowerment ETFETFUSD10.4924.70
14-Aug-2018MSEGWEPUMorningstar Women's Empowerment NTR IndexUSD10.4927.08
22-Dec-2015GWILX27Glenmede Women in Leadership U.S. Equity PortfolioMutual FundUSD6.1524.54
Russell 1000 IndexUSD9.7826.46
21-Oct-2021EQUL8IQ Engender Equality ETFETFUSD
SOLEQUSNSolactive Equileap US Select Gender Equality IndexUSD5.6020.64
09-Jul-2014WIL4Barclays Women in Leadership ETN** ETNUSD8.8925.58
Barclays Women in Leadership TR USD IndexUSD-9.0126.15
Additional U.S. Indexes
30-Sep-2011EQUALUNSolactive Equileap US Gender Equality NTR IndexUSD5.8721.24
01-Feb-2018Russell 1000 Women on Boards Leadership IndexUSD10.7027.00
03-Mar-1957S&P 500 Net Total Return IndexUSD10.9128.16
05-Mar-2018RLDR12RBC Vision Women's Leadership MSCI Canada Index ETFETFCAD6.5025.10
MSCI Canada IMI Women's Leadership Select Index (Gross)CAD6.6225.42
22-Apr-2015DE000A12BRD6115Ampega Diversity Plus Aktienfonds Mutual FundEUR9.8422.96
EQUALENSolactive Equileap Europe Gender Equality NTR IndexEUR6.5523.25
06-Mar-2019N/AAVA Gender Equality TrackerETFSEK8.1424.76
EQUALENSolactive Equileap Europe Gender Equality NTR IndexEUR6.5523.25
Additional Europe Indexes
31-May-2016MSCI Europe Womens Leadership NTR Index USD-2.1910.48
21-Sep-2009FXBYSBWESPB Women Impact Europe NTR IndexEUR-2.1410.72
14-May-20182518:JP66NEXT FUNDS MSCI Japan Empowering Women Select Index ETFETFJPY-2.1910.48
MJ719024MSCI Japan Empowering Women (WIN) Select Index (Gross)JPY-2.1410.72
26-Sep-20171652:JP13Daiwa ETF MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index WINETFJPY-2.1110.70
MJ719024MSCI Japan Empowering Women IndexJPY-2.208.60
26-Nov-20202070:JPN/ASmart ESG 30 Empowering Women Net Return ETNETNJPY-5.14-0.63
ISMJEWYN iSTOXX MUTB Japan Empowering Women 30 Net Return JPY IndexJPY-4.001.20
Additional Japan Indexes
31-May-2018MSCI Japan IMI Top 700 Index (Gross)JPY5.0428.85
North America
28-Apr-2016BMOWLFN:CN101BMO Women in Leadership Fund†Mutual FundCAD6.6821.75
29-May-2018WOMN:TSX3BMO Women in Leadership Fund ETF†ETFCAD6.6821.76
S&P 500 Total Return Index NTR CADCAD10.5927.07
Additional North America Indexes
30-Sep-2011EQUALNANSolactive Equileap North American Gender Equality NTR IndexCAD5.4421.23
South Korea
14-Nov-20185CD324319Meritz The Woman Securities Investment CompanyUnit TrustKRW-1.6712.81
Regional Equity AUM:906
Total AUM:3989
Performance returns are shown in the reporting currency of the fund. If no reporting currency is identified, returns are shown in the currency where the fund is headquartered.
*Since reorganization of 6/4/2014; **Maturity: July 15, 2024. Closing indicative note value return.
†BMO Women in Leadership Fund ETF is a series under the BMO Women in Leadership Fund (mutual funds).
Sources: Fund fact sheets, FT.com, TrackInsight.com
The above publicly available data is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as investment advice.

The above publicly available content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.

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