Q4 2020 Gender Lens Performance: Equity Funds

This table lists the primary publicly traded gender lens equity funds available to individual investors, including mutual fund, ETF, ETN, SICAV, sub-SICAV, trust and unit trust structures. Some provide several share classes and multiple exchange listings. The funds are divided into global and regional equity, then ranked by AUM, which totals $2.67 billion.

31-Dec-2020Performance as of December 31, 2020 (%)
Inception DateTickerAUM (USD M)Funds, Benchmarks, Tracking IndexesType of Fund1 month3 monthsYTD1 year3 years5 years10 yearsSince Inception
Global Equity
01-Oct-1993PXWEX748.28Pax Ellevate Global Women's Leadership Fund (investor class)*Mutual FundUSD3.5212.7413.6713.679.8311.898.958.93
MSCI World Index (Net)USD4.2413.9615.9015.910.5412.199.879.06
Lipper Global Mulit-Cap Core FundsUSD5.0715.3715.2515.258.5011.159.148.04
Impax Global Women's Leadership (Net) IndexUSD4.1212.8213.4613.4610.4611.969.51
19-Dec-2017GENDER:SW466.91UBS Global Gender Equality UCITS ETFETFUSD3.8418.3610.8410.849.29
SOLGGENRSolactive Equileap Global Gender Equality 100 Leadership IndexUSD3.9118.5710.6110.619.01
18-Sep-2015RSGGIDE:LX221.50RobecoSAM Global Gender Equality Impact Equities FundSICAVEUR0.963.383.283.289.629.4910.39
MSCI World Total Return Index (Net)EUR1.919.226.336.339.859.5510.48
04-Jan-2019MWLERAE:LX167.41Mirova Women Leaders Equity Fundsub-SICAVEUR1.967.8512.9312.9312.78
MSCI World Net Total Return EUREUR1.919.226.336.3310.58
21-Feb-2019NISGBCU LX147.43Nordea Global Gender Diversity Fund (Nordea SICAV 1)sub-SICAVUSD2.1610.1610.2810.28
MSCI All Country World Total Return Index (Net) (no official benchmark)USD4.6414.6816.2516.25
28-Feb-2017AXMPFCE:LX137.37AXA World Funds Framlington Women Empowerment Fund SICAVUSD5.2012.9818.4118.4111.2412.32
MSCI All Country World Total Return Index (Net)USD4.6414.6816.2516.2510.0312.37
09-Mar-2020DEDSDFN:CN85.70Desjardins SocieTerra Diversity Fund†Mutual FundCAD
MSCI All Country World Index (Total Return)CAD
10-Dec-2017GEND:LN30.90Lyxor Global Gender Equality (DR) UCITS ETFSICAVUSD4.6018.9310.4810.488.15
EQUALNSolactive Equileap Global Gender Equality NTR IndexUSD4.5818.8710.3110.318.16
08-Dec-2020JSTC19.99Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETFETFUSD2.53
JUSTICEAdasina Social Justice IndexUSD4.28
04-Dec-2017MWMN CN15.30Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact ETFETFCAD1.507.9011.0011.0010.0010.00
MSCI World Index CADCAD2.309.0013.7013.7011.0011.00
07-Sep-2018OPEN:LN12.23iShares Refinitiv Inclusion and Diversity UCITS ETFETFUSD5.2321.0510.1510.159.29
TRDIGXFNRefinitiv Global Large/Mid Diversity & Inclusion ex. Controversial Weapons Equal Weight Net Total ReturnUSD5.2621.2010.4810.489.24
26-Nov-2019FEMINII:FP7.26Valeurs Feminines GlobalMutual FundEUR3.12-4.16-4.16-2.45
MSCI World Net Total Return EUREUR1.919.226.336.336.85
Additional Global Indexes
31-May-2016.MIWO000WLGNUSMSCI World Womens Leadership IndexUSD3.9917.5613.1613.168.5511.35
Global Equity AUM:2,060.28
Regional Equity
07-Mar-2016SHE181.59SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETFETFUSD5.7317.6117.9117.9112.1213.80
SSGAGDITSSGA Gender Diversity IndexUSD5.7617.718.1118.1112.2313.99
01-May-2019FWOMX74.18Fidelity Women's Leadership FundMutual FundUSD5.1015.4025.325.320.84
MSCI USA Women's LeadershipUSD4.1118.8118.9218.9217.49
RAY:INDRussell 3000 IndexUSD4.5014.6820.8920.8919.45
22-Dec-2015GWILX25.40Glenmede Women in Leadership PortfolioMutal FundUSD5.1516.327.857.857.7411.9011.81
Russell 1000 IndexUSD4.2313.6920.9620.9614.8215.6015.59
24-Aug-2018WOMN12.34Impact Shares YWCA Women's Empowerment ETFETFUSD5.8217.4134.0634.0621.42
MSEGWEPUMorningstar Women's Empowerment IndexUSD3.5311.1117.5717.57
09-Jul-2014WIL4.47Barclays Women in Leadership ETN** ETNUSD4.2314.029.679.676.757.80
07-Jul-2014Barclays Women in Leadership TR USD IndexUSD4.2714.1510.1610.167.238.28
Additional U.S. Indexes
29-Jul-2016MSCI USA Womens Leadership IndexUSD4.1118.8118.9218.9212.4113.54
30-Sep-2011SOLEQUSNSolactive Equileap US Select Gender Equality NTR IndexUSD3.74
05-Mar-2018RLDR94.19RBC Vision Women's Leadership MSCI Canada Index ETFETFCAD2.1010.806.506.507.10
MSCI Canada IMI Women's Leadership Select IndexCAD2.1010.906.806.807.40
22-Apr-2015DE000A12BRD689.71Ampega Diversity Plus Aktiendfonds Mutual FundEUR2.064.360.2310.323.33
EQUALENSolactive Equileap Europe Gender Equality NTR IndexEUR2.5514.21-3.09-3.0911.44
08-Mar-2019N/AAVA Gender Equality TrackerETFGBP
EQUALENSolactive Equileap Europe Gender Equality NTR IndexEUR
Additional Europe Indexes
31-May-2016MSCI Europe Womens Leadership IndexUSD3.6715.657.857.854.668.14
21-Sep-2009FXBYSBWESPB Women Impact Europe NTR IndexEUR1.001.52-9.09-9.091.991.111.56
14-May-20182518:JP41.64NEXT FUNDS MSCI Japan Empowering Women Select Index ETFETFJPY1.5511.129.219.21
MJ719024MSCI Japan Empowering Women IndexJPY1.4010.906.606.60
26-Sep-20171652:JP9.68Daiwa ETF MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index WINETFJPY1.6011.008.908.9011.50
MJ719024MSCI Japan Empowering Women IndexJPY1.4010.906.606.604.70
13-Sep-2018DJWIX2.77BNY Mellon Japan Womenomics FundMutual FundUSD2.4910.388.408.405.21
TPXNTRTOPIX Total Return IndexUSD13.6513.0413.04
26-Nov-20202070:JPN/ASmart ESG Empowering Women Net Return ETN**ETNJPY
SXGWOMGRiSTOXX MUTB Japan Empowering Women 30 Net Return JPY IndexJPY
North America
28-Apr-2016BMOWLFN:CN53.74BMO Women in Leadership FundMutual FundCAD1.645.9312.7012.709.0510.81
04-May-2018WOMN:CN1.42BMO Women in Leadership Fund ETFETFCAD1.736.2213.9913.9911.58
S&P 500 Total Return Index CADCAD2.096.9616.3216.3214.81
Additional North America Indexes
30-Sep-2011EQUALNANSolactive Equileap North American Gender Equality NTR IndexCAD2.4912.5210.1310.133.23
10-May-2018LGGIRLG:LN8.15Legal & General Future World Gender in Leadership UK Index FundUnit TrustGBP1.6410.95-13.15-13.15-7.05
SOLGIRLNSolactive L&G Gender in Leadership UK IndexGBP3.3311.65-12.43-12.43-5.86
05-Nov-20185CD32438.94Meritz The Woman Securities Investment Company‡Unit TrustKRW9.5015.9020.5620.56
Regional Equity AUM:608.21
Total AUM:2,668.49
* Since reorganization of 6/4/2014; ** Closing indicative note value return
† Performance not yet presented by the fund. Desjardin indicates that performance will be displayed beginning at the one year anniversary.
‡ Meritz AUM is from 9/30/2020.
Performance returns are shown in the reporting currency of the fund. If no reporting currency is identified, returns are shown in the currency where the fund is headquartered.
Sources: Fund fact sheets, Bloomberg, Financial Times
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The above publicly available content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.

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