Gender Lens + ESG Investment Criteria

As a thematic environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment strategy, gender lens investment vehicles tend to incorporate two pillars of ESG. By definition gender lens investments cover the G of ESG, relationships with internal stakeholders. Our research shows that many gender lens vehicles also incorporate a focus on the S, relationships with external stakeholders.  E, – to varied degrees. In Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Pillars in Gender Lens Investing, we explore how gender lens equity funds can also incorporate the E, impact of products and services on the environment and climate change risk.

Likewise, ESG investing should seek to support and advance gender equality in corporations and society. We propose that gender lens criteria should be incorporated into each pillar of traditional ESG investment definitions here.

The table below proposes investment criteria for fund managers to apply a gender lens in each of the ESG pillars. Additionally, the table explores the availability and sources of data for fund managers attempting to apply these criteria.

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